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Ronald Troyer

With more than a decade of designing and developing, I have worked with clients both large and small. Everything I do reflects my passion for making each project be nothing short of extraordinary.


A little more about me

My services as a graphic designer and web developer are specialized in these fields:
  • web design
  • web development
  • app development
  • corporate identity
  • logo design
  • print design
  • branding


After graduating high school in Dublin, Ohio, I pursued a B.S. in Graphic Design at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, and moved back to central Ohio following a career in web design.


From billion dollar corporations to companies with only three employees, working with a variety of organizations has allowed me to diversify my skillset and provide the best solution each time.
HTML5 has rapidly become in demand, and knowing what is supported on each platform helps me create the richest experience possible.
CSS3 allows me to implement many effects that used to only be possible with Javascript under a modern browser. The best part is that it breaks gracefully, allowing people stuck in older experiences to retain a functional site, while still augmenting the best possible experience for those who can handle it.
Javascript, a diverse and powerful front end language, allows me to implement entire visual experiences on the front end, or even create dynamic tools in house to help provide tools for rapid development.
PHP is a great, free language that is robust, has good performance, widely supported, and doesn't require builds to update. I am highly experienced in it and can use it to interface with the backend in highly efficient ways.
MySQL is the core to many web sites, and thus having an expertise in it means I have the knowledge of what can and cannot be done in a system, allowing the best creations possible.
My photoshop works have been viewed by multi-millions, even appearing on TV multiple times. An expertise in it allows me to quickly modify images to the specs I need without needing to involve more teams, allowing for rapid development.
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Ronald Troyer

Current location: Columbus, OH
Phone: (614) 906-9069
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